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Apply to caseland

Episode 4 begins on October 4th, 2011.

Come & Join!

Current members: You do NOT need to reapply.

Your journal should be at least two months old and show sign of activity - posts, friends, communities, whatever. This community is all about participation, so please consider seriously if you will be able to participate at least once every four consecutive challenges. That would be one challenge every two weeks.

There are three teams in caseland - teamcops, caseland and teamforensics. For most challenges, you complete the challenges as an individual, but your score is added to those of your teammates for a total score for each challenge. The team with the most points at the end of the Episode is the winner. Unless otherwise specified, any Included Fandom can be used for any challenge where you get to choose which fandom you use.

Please copy/paste the application below and fill it out in the comment.

All teams are currently open for new members.

Name: (username and your real first name if you wish to share it.)
Location and Timezone:
Order of Team preference:

I will process all applications within 48 hours. I will try to place you with your first choice team, however we need balanced teams so you may need to be placed elsewhere. If you really want a specific team, I can place you on a waiting list until a spot is open.

Once you've been assigned to a team, you will be invited to join caseland. Please don't send a request to join after you submit your application, you will be invited. You will also receive invitations to our social community, case_bullpen AND your team community. The Bullpen is where we have social activities and where you can post longer entries for big challenges. Your team community is where you can get to know your team members and discuss challenges, if that's allowed for the challenge.

But, basically, caseland is a community where we try to have fun while competing against each other using our favorite crime procedural shows.
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