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What's considered a spoiler?
+ Anything pertaining to a recently aired/currently airing or upcoming season of a show will be considered a spoiler (Clarification: This means shows that aired/are airing during summer & fall 2010)
+ This includes information about cast members, guest stars, and promo (or behind-the-scenes) videos/images
+ Spoilers come in many forms including images, videos, and text/article/misc. info (including actor/news tweets)

How long do we count something as a spoiler?
This was difficult to decide. We're spread across the world with varying types of web access. What I'm going to say is that you must warn for spoilers for a minimum of four weeks past the original air date. For American users relying on Hulu & network sites, you should be able to catch the episode by then.

The Policies

Discussions: Please feel free to start discussion posts about series and episodes! However, put any and all spoilers behind a LJ cut! You can do that by copy/paste the following:

ABOVE the cut please include the show name and episode number. (For example: "Episode discussion for The Mentalist 3x01!")

Discussion policy applies to sharing of promo and related info/images.

Challenge Entries

No spoilers for currently airing/upcoming season can be used in voting challenges. (This basically applies to graphic challenges where we may be voting on icons or wallpapers.)

Writing challenges: You CAN use spoilers but we're going to follow comment_fic's rules here. "Warn for spoilers in bold and leave at least three spaces before AND after the text." Noting spoilers in CAPS is also good. ;)

Alternatively, you can post your writing entry on your journal (or case_bullpen behind an lj-cut) and then link to it when you submit.

Non-voting graphics challenges: You CAN use promos/clips/screencaps in non-voting challenges. The requirement here is that you link to graphics that contain spoilers. If you're posting your entry on case_bullpen, please warn of spoilers and then put the graphics behind an lj-cut.

Final Notes
+ Please be courteous and follow these rules. I'd like avoid stepping on people's toes. I'm hoping this will help us out in the coming weeks. (I believe CSI, Bones, and The Mentalist all return on the same night, right?)

+ If you ever have questions regarding specific spoilers, please message me privately - I'm not spoilerphobic in this area of fandom.

+ Any further questions, you can ask below in the comments.
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